About Us

As founders of Ketogenic, we initially came from a very different background. Jorinde Croese works as Associate Editor at System Magazine, and Christel Blangsted is the founder of luxury women’s shirting company Bibi Blangsted.

We started following the ketogenic diet in March 2019 as a part of a deuterium depletion diet, to see whether we could alleviate symptoms of a genetic condition. Within days, inflammation started to go down.

Yet our cravings for sugary treats had stayed up.

The problem?

No nice keto-friendly treats in supermarkets and specialty stores.

We took to the kitchen, developed treats based on happy science, and figured others might like these too. And so they did: in June, a month after Ketogenic started, Deliveroo took us on, and in August we moved onto Planet Organic’s shelves. 

Our larger aim with Ketogenic is to help raise awareness globally about the positive health benefits of following a low-carb, high-fat diet. For too long fats have been demonised to benefit companies that manufacture low-fat products, which virtually has gone hand in hand with the industrial revolution and mass production of low-cost grains.

Conveniently, carby and sugary foods don’t satiate and keep you in a vicious circle of real cravings, ready to buy an extra portion…

Who’s really got the control of your way of eating? You, or the corporations who’d like you to buy their products? We’d like to help demystify, bring truth to nutrition, and significantly improve the general population’s health.